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Marco Picci was born in Carbonia (Sardinia) and he lives and works in Adliswil (Switzerland). He is a watercolorist and pastel painter and he focus his artistic path in hyperrealistic technique and in the search of the photorealism in watercolour painting, often lesser used technique in hyperrealism due to its difficulty and the impossibility of making even the smallest of corrections, but which at the same time brings out extraordinary precision, in light affects, colour and transparency.

As Marco says: «I have always been fascinated by realist painting, from the Renaissance masters, those of the 17th Century, painters and graphic art masters of the 20th Century to those of the european and american hyperrealists from the begining of the 1970s. From the latter of these, I have taken ideas for some of my recent watercolor pictures, a rather unusual technique for this style (for which oils and acrylics are normally used). In fact, my own personal research is aimed [ … continues]

Some pictures are available for sale and we welcome your offers, we also accept commissions for water-colour, acrylic and pastel portraits in several sizes.

Only through the transposition of reality we can grasp the innermost facets, otherwise invisible in everyday life.

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